Radiance Poached Pears


A radiant twist on a classic poached pear recipe. In this recipe we poach pears in Gaia Botanica Radiance tea with warming spices to create a gorgeous and vibrant dish. Hibiscus and rose in our Gaia Botanica Radiance blend transfer their beautiful pink colour to the pears. We love to pair this dish with labneh and black sesame for something a little bit different.


4 pears

4 tsp Gaia Botanica Radiance tea

4 cups water

2 cinnamon quills

2-3 star anise

1 vanilla pod

2 tbsp maple syrup



1 cup strained poaching liquid

3 tbsp maple syrup


Optional to serve:

Labneh or thick Greek yoghurt

Black sesame seeds



Peel pears, slice in half and use a spoon to remove the core and seeds. Add pears to a pot with water and all ingredients. Boil for 10minutes then reduce to a simmer for 15-20 minutes until pears are soft and pink in coloured. Gently remove the pears from pot. Strain poaching liquid and reserve 1 cup to make the syrup. For the syrup combine reserved poaching liquid with maple syrup and reduce until syrup consistency. Serve with labneh or thick Greek yoghurt and drizzle with syrup. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds.


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