Is your packaging sustainable?

At Gaia Botanica we have made our best efforts to select the most sustainable and planet friendly packaging.

Amber apothecary jars

We use amber-coloured jars to store our teas to maximise shelf life and keep the botanicals tasting fresh and full of flavour for longer. Our gorgeous amber apothecary jars are made to be refilled. We proudly offer refill pouches of our products to be decanted into the jar. The jars can also be reused and repurposed, and in the event that you no longer need it, the jar and its seal can be recycled. 

Refill pouches

We proudly offer refill pouches of our products to be decanted into our amber apothecary jars.  These pouches can be home composted- just remove the seal, any label stickers and the strip of metal. 

Shipping packaging

Items purchased through the Gaia Botanica store will be shipped in cardboard boxes which can be recycled. We use recycled tissue paper, which we encourage you to reuse and repurpose. We secure our products by packing them in Hex Wrap that is made from recycled cardboard and can be recycled and composted. We repurpose bubble wrap that we receive our amber glass jars in, which we encourage you to reuse and repurpose. The tape we use on our shipping boxes is compostable. Our mailers can be composted at home, remove any labels or stickers. Then you can optionally cut them up for the fastest composting results. Also, customers can check whether their local councils allow the disposal of compostable packaging in green bins. If so, they are another fantastic option to dispose of the bags sustainably.


If your product arrives damaged or incorrect please contact us via hello@thegaiabotanica.com with a photo of the item and the details of your order. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you are not satisfied with you purchase for another reason please contact us to discuss a resolution.

Do you offer refunds for change of mind?

We do not offer refunds for change of mind. Please choose your products carefully. To help you make a conscious decision we have highlighted the therapeutic benefits and flavour profiles of each of our products.

How do I store my tea? 

We use amber jars to keep your tea fresh, these should be kept away from heat and direct sunlight. On your shelf or in the pantry is fine just keep them away from the stove and your windowsill.

Do you have a shop?

At this stage we only have an online store however you can shop our amazing products in person at one of our stockists; you can find out more here.

What are the qualifications of your founders?

Our founders, Lily Zurlino and Anushka Malcolm are both degree qualified natural medicine practitioners. Lily has a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in naturopathy and Anushka has a Bachelor of Health Science, with majoring in nutritional medicine.

Are your products for specific health conditions?

Our products have been created to support your general wellbeing. If you have a known health condition or are taking medication, please consult with your doctor of healthcare practitioner to ensure our product is suitable for you to use. 

Are your products certified organic?

We use 100% certified organic ingredients in our blends. We do not, however have an organic certification for each individual product. We are able to provide individual certifications for each batch number at the request of our customer if required. 

Do your teas contain caffeine?

The Gaia Botanica teas that contain naturally occurring caffeine are English Breakfast, French Earl Grey, Se Chung, Kashmiri Chai and Focus. The rest of our tea blends are naturally caffeine-free.