Our philosophy


High quality products are important to us; we’ve created them to taste incredible and make you feel good. Plus, they’ll look fabulous sitting on your shelf.  At Gaia Botanica we value health, our community and the environment. Throughout our production process we avoid practices that do not align with our values. 


At Gaia Botanica we choose to use high quality certified organic ingredients in our products. We believe that organic ingredients taste better. They are also better for your wellbeing, better for the planet and better for the communities involved in producing the crops. We choose to support the environment by ensuring our ingredients have been grown in organic farms.


At Gaia Botanica we believe that trading fairly, with integrity, and doing right by the farmers and producers involved in growing the botanicals we source is of the utmost importance. We ethically source all our ingredients from skilled tea and herb producers. Each tea is hand-blended in South Australia by artisan tea makers.



We love planet Earth, our home. We desire to take care of it and live harmoniously. By improving the way in which we conduct ourselves in our business, we believe we can have a positive impact. It is our responsibility to reduce our negative impact on the environment which we action through a number of operational choices we make day-to-day. We are always evolving and reevaluating our footprint on the planet.